Lynda's Horsewear, Webbings and Buckles
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A wide choice of webbing in widths ranging from 10mm -75mm. Standard, heavy duty and padded in a wide range of colours. Many uses including dog collars, leads, horsewear, bags.

Plastic and metal buckles and fittings in sizes from 10mm - 50mm.

Fabric for making and repairing horse rugs, heavy duty waterproof, nylon lining. Hi viz waterproof fabric, also suitable for dog coats.

There is no minimum order value, p&p starts at 2.50.
WEBBING AND FITTINGS Webbing and fittings in widths from 10mm to 75mm. Polypropylene, polyester and cushioned web.
HARDWARE Metal and plastic fittings for dog collars, horse rugs, head collars, straps, lunge reins, leads.